Cinderworld: It’s a Cat’s Life

Meow, Meow Baby!

Meow and Stuff… January 21, 2009

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I’m a cat and stuff, meow, meow. My name is Cinder and I live in Colorado, meow. I like cat stuff…like cat naps and cat nip.

Meow, Baby, this is Cinderworld!


2 Responses to “Meow and Stuff…”

  1. Fluffy Feline Says:

    I, meow, too like cat naps. I try to, meow, limit myself to 15 cat naps a day. Meow. Do you like heights? I have a, meow, fondness for drapes and the top of bookcases, meow.

  2. Cinder Says:

    Meow, I love heights. Meow, Meow and stuff.

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