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Meow, Meow Baby!

Today Was a Typical “Fursday” January 22, 2009

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Meow.  Had a busy day.  Stared at the wall for an hour.  For no reason.  Then I plotted how to achieve world domination. Meow.  Then I remembered I wanted to stare at the wall again, so I abandoned my quest to rule the world.


2 Responses to “Today Was a Typical “Fursday””

  1. Tinky Dink Says:

    A typical “Fursday” requires a hop in the dryer!! Give it a try – it’s fun!!!!!

  2. Mama Says:

    I almost bought you a collar with the Dewey number for cats on it. I know you hate collars so I took that into consideration. If I come home early, do you want to take a nap?

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