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Meow, Meow Baby!

Me and my brother February 18, 2009

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Ralph and Cinder

Ralph and Cinder


A Picture of Kitty Betrayal January 28, 2009

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Meow. Someone sent me a disturbing picture today. Meow. It’s a picture of what every cat fears. Meow. A picture of kitty betrayal.

Meow. Yup, here’s a picture of my owner with TWO (that’s right, TWO) strange cats in her arms. Meow, sniffle. I bet that they don’t hack up fur balls like I do.

Feline Disloyalty


Today Was a Typical “Fursday” January 22, 2009

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Meow.  Had a busy day.  Stared at the wall for an hour.  For no reason.  Then I plotted how to achieve world domination. Meow.  Then I remembered I wanted to stare at the wall again, so I abandoned my quest to rule the world.


I am, Meow, Extra-Awesome January 21, 2009

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Wanna see some, meow, kitty funnies? 

Here’s an Extra-Awesome Comic by Jay Dyke.  It’s Extra-Awesome, just like me.  Meow.


I love the Ninja Cat!!!

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Meow, check out this Ninja Cat on You Tube.  I have to try this out sometime!


Meow and Stuff…

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I’m a cat and stuff, meow, meow. My name is Cinder and I live in Colorado, meow. I like cat stuff…like cat naps and cat nip.

Meow, Baby, this is Cinderworld!